Communication and disclosure policy

The goal of communications is to support and promote the recognition of the Savings Bank brand and help maintain the Savings Banks Group’s corporate image.

The communications policies of the Savings Banks Group are approved by the Board of the central institution. Policy statements and the most important news concerning the Savings Banks Group are announced in public by the CEO of the central institution.

The Savings Banks Group’s communications adhere to the guidelines and regulations of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and the EU as well as the stipulations and governance policies provided by Finnish legislation (including the Securities Markets Act where applicable) and regulations.

The basis of communications is to provide all stakeholder groups with timely, reliable, quick and open information on the common goals, activities and development. Internal and external communications help maintain and bolster our position as a significant Finnish financial group, the operations of which are grounded on its solid history as Finland’s oldest banking group.

The central institution’s communications ensure that all of the Savings Banks Group’s member companies operate in accordance with the strategic policies and principles of communications.