Working with a strong will and high spirits

“I am proud of our team, strong professionals and a good team spirit”. This is a reply to our personnel survey summarising well what kind of a work place the Savings Bank is.

We believe that the company’s success is created by the employees’ success and by inspiring them.

TOP 4: Why is it nice to work at the Savings Bank?

  1. Good team work and helping others
  2. Versatile and meaningful work
  3. Learning and being able to realise oneself
  4. Truly close to the customer, for the customer.

source: personnel survey

Our employees’ comments on our strengths

  • We have a good spirit!
  • We are a humane and approachable bank and the savings bank ideology is our strength.
  • Serving, local, the Finnish Savings Bank is the best.
  • I have the Savings Bank under my skin and I am proud of it!
  • I am proud of our team, strong professionals and a good team spirit.
  • Our work community consist of strong professionals with great and diverse personalities

source: personnel survey

The Savings Bank Academy as a knowledge developer

Joy, becoming inspired and continuous development – it is important to us that everyone can work with good spirits and get the possibility to continuously learn new things. Our Academy offers versatile learning paths that lead forward and build knowledge to everyone.

Positive experiences of the employees are reflected in our customers

We are recommended by 85% of our customers (source and year here). Our customers appreciate the Savings Bank employees’ excellent service attitude, expert and personal service and ease of service use. We develop these actively in cooperation with our customers and personnel.

Welcome to our team!