The Savings Bank Centre

The Savings Bank Centre was founded for Savings Banks and their customers. The purpose of the Centre is to help members of the Savings Banks Group succeed in their customer work. We combined the local expertise in different Savings Banks with the national resources of the expert centre. The Savings Bank Centre in Vallila, Helsinki employs some 200 top experts. 

The Savings Bank Centre is a joint effort of central institution Savings Banks' Union Coop, Sb Life Insurance Ltd, Sp-Fund Management Company Ltd, Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland Plc, Sp-Mortgage Bank Plc, Sp-Koti Ltd and Savings Banks Services Ltd

The Centre allows us to make the most of our expertise – a collaboration among the whole amalgamation to develop the Savings Bank experience, which is transmitted to the customers as financial expertise, a unique service experience, interesting marketing efforts and bold communications. We are always there for our customer.