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Savings Bank is Finland’s best bank for entrepreneurs. We help your company prosper.

Welcome to Finland’s best bank for entrepreneurs

Small business owners constitute the foundation of our national economy. At Savings Bank, we treat you and your company accordingly. We offer first-class service to help your company prosper.

Savings Bank is the entrepreneur’s partner in all situations related to business activity. Our services are aimed at companies of all sizes, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. We offer you access to highly competent personnel who serve you in accordance with your needs, making quick decisions. 

How do I benefit from becoming a Savings Bank customer?

  • Personal service 
    Whenever you prefer, we provide you with personal service – an actual person who knows you and your company. We make decisions quickly and respond promptly to ensure that you can focus on running your business.
  • Comprehensive advice
    We provide you with advice on your company’s financial development, such as financing, payment traffic, saving and investing.
  • Digital services
    Our digital services make it easy for you to handle your day-to-day banking
  • Satisfaction
    Our customers are satisfied with their choice: in the most recent customer satisfaction survey, our customers gave us a score of 4.4/5.
  • Close to entrepreneurs
    We operate throughout Finland, close to entrepreneurs. Local entrepreneur communities are important partners for us. We share part of our profits with organisations that promote the vitality and well-being of your municipality. 

Make a great decision today by choosing us your banking partner. To do this, simply send us your contact details.  Our electronic services are primarily provided in Finnish and Swedish, but the experts at our branches are also prepared to serve you in English.

What is Savings Bank?

Savings Bank is a national and financially sound banking group that values its customers and believes that everyone can achieve prosperity by having access to good advice and good services. Since 1822, it has been our mission to help Finns prosper.

Balanced finances through the various stages of business activity

Savings Bank is a reliable partner for your company through the different stages of business, from starting up the company through to business development and responding to changes. 

We offer your company the following banking services:

Convenience in day-to-day financial management

Savings Bank provides your company with the right solutions for handling day-to-day finances. The accounts and services for your payment traffic will be tailored according to the nature, scope and individual needs of your business.

  • Corporate accounts for managing payment traffic
  • Secure merchant acquiring services for receiving card transactions
  • Corporate cards for payments, cash withdrawals and making cash deposits
  • Online invoice service to enhance invoice handling
  • Convenient e-invoices for consumer invoicing
  • Secure receipt of payments for online purchases

Financing to suit your company’s needs

At Savings Bank, we can customise financing solutions to suit your company’s individual needs. We will work with you to find the right alternative for your company’s financing needs ranging from cash management and working capital to investments, such as acquisitions of machinery and equipment. The terms and payment plan will be customised to suit your company’s situation. 

Savings Bank’s extensive cooperation with partners gives you even more diverse access to loans, collateral and export financing.

Electronic tools: corporate online banking and Web Services banking connection

The Savings Bank corporate online bank is available to your company as a payment traffic tool. The service is provided around the clock. The corporate online bank also gives you access to invoicing software that allows you to create all invoices in the same way and send them as an e-invoice or to the bank’s printing service.

If your company has a large number of payment transactions, you are encouraged to use the Web Service channel instead of the corporate online banking service. Web Services allow you to handle your company’s payment transactions directly through the financial management software you are already using.

Trade Finance - protection for international trade

The international markets differ from the domestic market in many ways. Payment methods, collateral practices and risks vary from one country to another. This is why companies and entrepreneurs who operate in the international market should protect themselves against the risks of international commerce by using Trade Finance payment and financing services. We make your company’s risk management easier by providing a wide variety of services ranging from international bank guarantees to letters of credit and debt recovery items.

Insurance protects the continuity of your business

Illness or injury can compromise your entire business and your personal livelihood. This is why it is essential for you to insure your company’s most important resource: you and all of your employees. 

Sb Life Insurance, a member of the Savings Banks Group, can also arrange entrepreneurs’ voluntary pension insurance. The experts at Savings Bank help you choose the best insurance plans for your people, operations and assets. Sb Life Insurance 

Accumulate company funds through investment

When a company earn more revenue than it needs to run its day-to-day operations, it makes sense to invest the additional funds in a profitable way. For example, you can invest funds in various deposits, funds and securities.  This can help you accumulate funds to cover future investments, for instance. We will work with you to find the best investment solutions from the Savings Bank’s diverse range of options, taking your company’s risk appetite and expected return into account.

More information on our services for corporate customers is available on our Finnish-language website. url: saastopankki.fi/yksityiset

Do you want to join the growing group of satisfied corporate customers of Savings Bank? Contact us. Contact us.  engl. yhteydenottolomake

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