Savings Bank Services

Our professionals at Savings Bank Services offer customer advice and sales support services to the customers and offices of the banks in the Savings Banks Group. We operate in five locations around Finland.
Säästöpankin brändikuva

Savings Bank Services Ltd offers customer service and various back-office services to the customers and offices of the local banks in the Savings Banks Group. We enable local Savings Banks to dedicate the working time of bank personnel to promote the financial wellbeing and prosperity of their customers. Savings Bank Services Ltd is part of the Savings Bank Centre.

We offer our customers a friendly, professional and fast service by telephone and via electronic service channels. On average, we answer calls within one minute and resolve over 80% of calls on the first contact. In addition to customer service, Savings Bank Services takes care of various back-office service tasks, with routine work largely automated. The tasks are related to, for instance, document preparation, payments, investigation and reporting.

We have approximately 200 financial professionals working in Helsinki, Iisalmi, Somero, Turku and Ulvila. We combine on-site and remote work smoothly, taking into account the nature of the task in question.