Use of personal data and privacy policy 

Registration and use of personal data

Savings Bank (hereinafter “the Bank”) processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and credit institution-related legislation, and otherwise ensures that privacy and banking secrecy are observed whenever personal data is processed. Personal data is processed for the purpose of carrying out the Bank’s services and operations. In addition, the Bank uses its personal data registers for marketing efforts targeted at its customers.

Data is collected from the customers themselves or their representatives, from public registers maintained by the authorities, as well as credit history and customer default registers and the credit information register maintained by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. If required for a business or service transaction, the Bank may record phone calls and save messages to ensure the contents of the message. In accordance with banking secrecy, the Bank may not disclose any data in its possession to third parties without the consent of the data subject or unless disclosure is required by the law

Persons wishing to review any of their personal data in the register must submit a written review request signed with their own hand to the controller. The data subject has the right to demand corrections, deletions or additions to any incorrect data concerning them in the register. The data subject has the right to refuse the controller the right to process any data concerning the data subject for the purposes of direct advertising, distance sales or other direct marketing, as well as marketing and opinion polls.

Customer information privacy policy template (in finnish)

Template for the privacy policy of potential customers(in finnish)

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Identification principles

The Bank offers its customers an identification service that allows a company or community providing e-services to identify its customers. Identification is based on the online banking system credentials provided by the Bank.

For further information on the identification principles employed at Savings Banks, please refer to the form available on the website of each bank.