Information about the Savings Banks Group

The Savings Banks Group has been part of Finnish society since 1822. The motivation behind our operations is to promote the well-being of the individual and the community.

Financial wellbeing has been an important element of Savings Bank operations ever since the first Finnish Savings Bank was established in 1822. The basic ideology of the Savings Banks, i.e. the promotion of frugality, is stated in the Savings Bank Act. In line with the Savings Bank ideal, the basic mission of Savings Banks has been to help the hardworking population of Finland prosper and take better care of its finances – and that is what we are still doing. Today, the mission of the Savings Banks Group is to responsibly promote the financial wellbeing and prosperity of its customers. We want to provide our customers with the best combination of in-person and digital services, with an emphasis on customer value, expertise, convenience and having a human touch in the way we interact with all of our customers. This creates the Savings Bank Experience that we are known for.

The Savings Banks Group is the oldest banking group in Finland and consists of independent Savings Banks, the Savings Banks’ Union Coop, the Central Bank of Savings Banks, Sp Mortgage Bank, Sp Fund Management Company, Sb Life Insurance, Sp-Koti and Savings Bank Services.

Customers play an important role in the administration of Savings Banks. As Savings Bank board members, they steer and manage the bank’s operations, determine the bank’s direction, decide on the strategy and business objectives and select the bank’s CEO.

The key business segments of the Savings Banks Group are banking, asset management and life insurance as well as other operations, such as Sp-Koti’s real estate agency services and support functions. The Savings Banks’ own range of products and services covers all key banking services. It is complemented by other financial sector services and products provided in cooperation with partners that hold values similar to those of the Savings Banks Group.

The Savings Banks Group is a member of the European savings bank association ESBG. ESBG’s membership consists of 885 savings banks in 18 countries.