The strategy of the Savings Banks Group

Financial wellbeing has been an important element of Savings Bank operations ever since the first Finnish Savings Bank was established in 1822. In line with the Savings Bank ideal, the basic mission of Savings Banks was to help the hardworking population of Finland prosper and take better care of its finances, and this has never changed.

Today, the mission of the Savings Banks Group is to responsibly promote the financial wellbeing and prosperity of its customers. Our expertise enables a better life for our customers. We want to provide our customers with the best combination of in-person and digital services, with an emphasis on customer value, expertise, convenience and having a human touch in the way we interact with all of our customers. This creates the Savings Bank Experience that we are known for.

Our business operations are based on low-risk retail banking. Our strategic goal is profitable and sustainable growth through increasing the number of long-term customers who use a wide range of services. In our operations, we combine strong customer-drivenness and local presence with operational efficiency and close cooperation within the Group.

The Savings Bank Experience

Our competitive advantage is the Savings Bank Experience, the cornerstones of which are:

  • unique customer value through highly competent financial management services and competitive financial wellbeing solutions
  • smooth services and excellent accessibility by providing our customers with the best combination of in-person and digital services
  • active communication with customers
  • knowing our customers and the individual service provided to customers on that basis.


We stand out thanks to the customer experience we provide during all encounters and we make a personal connection across all channels. Our customers can contact us however and whenever it suits them best. Our digital services are competitive and based on customer needs.

The Savings Banks Group’s values

We listen to our customers and serve our customers in a unique way on the basis of the customer’s individual needs.

Our cooperation with customers, staff, Savings Banks and partners is open and genuine and encourages growth. We continuously improve ourselves and our operations.

We conduct our business professionally and reliably. We exist for the customer and the local community.

Our results and growth ensure the development of our customers’ services and the vitality of our operating environment.