Frequently asked questions about Savings Bank's services

Are you having trouble using the online bank? Unable to use your payment card? What are the opening hours to your closest branch? We have gathered the most common question asked from our customer service.

Identity verification - what documents are accepted? 

Identity verification with a passport, or an ID-card issued by the Finnish police is required, when

Online banking

What errands can I take care of with an online banking message?

Online banking in English

Register for e-salary and get salary specifications online

I cannot access e-salary, what should I do?

What can I do in the online bank?

What can I do in the mobile banking application?


Can I get service in English?

How can I ask a branch to give me a call?

Can I contact my bank by email?

How do I book an appointment to a branch?

User problems

Logging in to the online bank does not work

I locked my online banking codes by accident

My payment card is lost

My payment card does not work

How can I unlock my Debit- or Credit card?

My code card for internet banking did not arrive in the mail

Other banking errands

Currency exchange – can I exchange money at the Savings Bank’s branches?

How do I open an account for a child?

Exceptions: opening an account as a 15-17-year old

Visa for students – when can a student get a credit card?