Savings Banks Amalgamation

The Amalgamation comprises the Savings Banks’ Union Coop which acts as the central institution of the Amalgamation, local and independent Savings Banks, the Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland Plc, Sp Mortgage Bank Plc and the companies within the consolidation groups of the above-mentioned entities, as well as Sp-Fund Management Company Ltd. 
The scope of the Savings Banks Group differs from that of the Savings Banks Amalgamation in that the Group also includes institutions other than credit and financial institutions or service companies. The most notable of these are Sb Life Insurance Ltd and Sp-Koti Ltd. 
The member organisations of the Savings Banks Amalgamation form a financial entity as defined in the Act on the Amalgamation of Deposit Banks, in which the Savings Banks’ Union Coop and its member credit institutions are jointly liable for each other’s liabilities and commitments.