Sp-Koti focuses
on finding new homes for individual consumers and providing services related to
rental housing, as well as relevant evaluation services. 
Sp-Koti is a chain of real estate agencies that is part of the Savings Banks Group. The Sp-Koti chain operates on a franchising basis and serves its customers at more than 80 offices across Finland. We started our operations in 2011. The chain is managed by Sp-Koti Oy, the chain’s central organisation, which is owned by the Savings Banks that make up the Savings Banks Group. We work in accordance with the values of the Savings Banks Group by genuinely listening to the customer, maintaining active contact and operating in a competent, honest and successful manner.

Customer satisfaction is the main focus of all of our operations. We ensure customer satisfaction by regularly asking our customers to share their opinions and experiences regarding our services. We take all of the received feedback into consideration in developing our operations further. We also openly communicate our customer satisfaction level. The star rating is shown on the Sp-Koti website.

We are constantly looking for new top agents to join our team, as our goal is to achieve growth throughout Finland – together with Savings Bank. If you want to become a part of our active and efficient team, don’t hesitate to contact us!

For more information on the operations of the Sp-Koti chain, contact CEO Jukka Rantanen