Sp Mortgage Bank Plc: Savings Banks Group's Responsibility Report 2018

Sp Mortgage Bank Plc
Stock Exchange Release
20 June 2019 at 09.00

Savings Banks Group's Responsibility Report 2018 has been published. The non-financial information is included in the Responsibility Report.

A pdf-document containing the Responsibility Report is attached to this release. The Reports in PDF format can also be found at www.saastopankki.fi.


Further information:
Tomi Närhinen, Managing Director, Savings Banks' Union Coop

Sp Mortgage Bank is part of the Savings Banks Group and the Savings Banks Amalgamation. The role of Sp Mortgage Bank is, together with Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland Plc, to be responsible for obtaining funding for the Savings Banks Group from money and capital markets. Sp Mortgage Bank is responsible for the Savings Banks Group's mortgage-secured funding by issuing covered bonds.

Read more at www.saastopankki.fi 

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