Instructions for submitting an appeal

If you are dissatisfied with our decision, you can contact our compensation staff on +358 10 572 1001 to request your case to be reprocessed.

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau, the Insurance Complaints Board and the Consumer Disputes Board:

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE) offers customers independent advice and guidance free of charge. The Insurance Complaints Board and the Consumer Disputes Board also provide recommendations for solving disputes. FINE does not process disputes which are pending proceedings or have been processed by the Consumer Disputes Board or a court of law.

Porkkalankatu 1, FI-00180 HELSINKI, tel. +358 9 685 0120.

The Consumer Disputes Board does not address disputes related to unit-linked contracts.

Hämeentie 3, PO Box 306, FI-00531 HELSINKI, tel. +358 29 rel="noopener noreferrer" 566 5200 (switchboard).

You can also submit the matter to be settled by the District Court of Helsinki or your local district court. Legal action concerning a compensation decision must be taken within three (3) years of receiving the decision, on pain of loss of the related right.

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