Sb Life Insurance as a company

Sb Life insurance Ltd offers private customers and companies modern savings and risk insurance products for different situations. We provide the best security for you or your company.

We are a Finnish life insurance company owned by the Savings Banks Group. We connect with the everyday lives of the Finnish people through the nationwide service network of the Savings Banks Group. We always provide individual, professional services, whether you wish to map out the need for personal insurance policies for your family or business or fulfil your dreams through savings insurance.

Sb Life Insurance is owned by the Savings Banks and Oma Savings Bank Plc, which serve as the company’s acting agents. The banks handle all sales of insurance products through Sb Life Insurance. The agents are recorded in the Register of Insurance Intermediaries of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The Financial Supervisory Authority monitors the operations of Sb Life Insurance and its agents.

The Savings Banks Group comprises Savings Banks and the Savings Banks’ Union Coop, Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland Plc, Sp Mortgage Bank Plc, Sp-Fund Management Company Ltd, Sb Life Insurance Ltd and the real estate agency chain Sp-Koti. The Savings Banks of the Savings Banks Group are independent regional and local banks.