Code of Conduct

The basic objective of the Savings Banks Group is to promote thrift and the well-being of its customers while operating near the customers. The values of the Savings Banks Group form the basis of all our operations. All our activities are founded in our values.

The Savings Banks Group’s values

Customer-drivenness. We listen to and encounter customers in a unique way based on each customer's individual needs. 

Cooperation. Our cooperation with customers, personnel, Savings Banks and partners is open, genuine and conducive to growth. We constantly regenerate and reform our operations.

Responsibility. We conduct our business professionally and reliably. We exist for the customer and the local community.

Performance. Our profitability and growth ensure the development of customer services and the vitality of our operational environment.

Operations according to regulations

Compliance with legislation and regulations is a top priority for Savings Banks Group in all its operations. In order to ensure compliance with the law and regulations, Savings Banks Group has prepared guiding principles and procedures that all employees must follow.

Fair treatment

We emphasise the importance of co-operation in all our operations. Good co-operation requires proper, respectful treatment of all members of the work community, as well as co-operation partners. Members of the Savings Banks Group do not condone discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or any other reason. No discrimination or harassment is permitted.

Gifts and hospitality

We are very careful about accepting and offering gifts and hospitality. All our employees are expected to consider the situation carefully before giving gifts or hospitality to or accepting them from our partners or customers. Gifts and hospitality that can be interpreted as an attempt to influence business operations are prohibited. 

Handling confidential information

Our operations are based on trust. Compliance with banking and insurance secrecy is an unconditional requirement for all our operations. Confidential information may only be used for work-related tasks. Customer information may be distributed within the Savings Banks Group when necessary to enable risk management and the improvement of customer service.

Handling inside information

The Savings Banks Group personnel’s ordinary duties may include receiving inside information on matters such as customer companies. Using or distributing inside information is prohibited. The activities of the personnel are directed by the Savings Banks Group insider and trading guidelines. The functions of the Savings Banks Group have been organised in such a way that inside information is accessible only to those employees who require it in the performance of their duties.