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    Responsibility is one of the core values that guide the Savings Banks Group’s business operations alongside customer-drivenness, cooperation and performance. On this page, you will find information on our commitment to social, financial and environmental responsibility at Savings Banks Group.
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Responsibility is an important part of the over 200-year-old savings bank ideology and our related values, as well as our history and strategy.

Examples of our sustainability performance indicators in 2023 

Säästöpankin ikoni: verkkopankki.
Net Promoter Score: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the Savings Banks’ customer negotiations was 84.8

ASML Customer Index: The most responsible bank in Finland
Good Deeds: We donated over EUR 2 million to support children and young people, among others
In our asset management activities, over 90 per cent of the funds we manage are now classified as light green.
Savings Banks’ Asset Management held 111 meetings with companies

Contact information:

Virve Valonen - vastuullisuusjohtaja.

Virve Valonen

 Head of Group Sustainability & ESG
+35850 467 6014