CEO and Management Team

The CEO of Savings Banks’ Union Coop is charged with the day-to-day governance of the central institution in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperatives Act, the implementation of the Savings Banks Group’s strategy in accordance with the directions and orders of the Board of Directors, the preparation of matters to be proposed to the Board and assisting the Board in preparing matters for presentation to the Board of Supervisors and the General Meeting.

The official organisational structure of Savings Banks’ Union Coop is based on areas of responsibility under the leadership of the CEO.

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CEO Tomi Närhinen

The management team of the Savings Bank Centre and their key areas of responsibility:

 CEO, Managing Director, Savings Banks Centre       Tomi Närhinen
 Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer Karri Alameri
 Head of Personal Banking Markus Lauri
 Head of Corporate Banking Kari Suutari
 Marketing and Communications Director Laine Spellman
 COO, Chief Operations Officer Kaisa Tähtinen
 Chief Strategy and Development Officer Kai Koskela
 CIO, Chief Information Officer Pekka Suomalainen
 CFO, Chief Financial Officer Ville Mikkola
 CRO, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Tiia Niemi
 Head Of Human Resources Erkki Tommila
The Amalgamation’s internal audit is the responsibility of the internal audit function, which operates under the Board of Directors of the central institution and is led by Tuomas Angervo.

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