Code of Conduct

The Savings Banks Group’s Code of Conduct is aimed at ensuring that the Savings Banks Group operates responsibly, ethically and in compliance with laws as well as orders and instructions issued by the authorities. All Savings Banks Group employees must know the Code of Conduct and follow it.

The Savings Banks Group’s strategy and shared values guide all our operations. Our aim is to responsibly promote the financial wellbeing and prosperity of people in Finland and, with our expertise, enable our customers to live a better life.

The Savings Banks Group’s values

Customer-drivenness. We listen to and encounter our customers in a unique way according to the individual needs of each customer.

Cooperation. Our cooperation with customers, staff, Savings Banks and partners is open and genuine and encourages growth. We continuously improve ourselves and our operations.

Responsibility. We conduct our business professionally and reliably. We exist for the customer and the local community.

Performance. Our results and growth ensure the development of our customers’ services and the vitality of our operating environment.


Responsibility is one of the core values that guide the Savings Banks Group’s operations alongside customer-drivenness, cooperation and performance. We want responsibility to be reflected in everything we do – in how we relate to our customers and our partners, the authorities and other stakeholder groups as well as the environment. We operate locally and promote local wellbeing through our actions.

Complying with regulations

Compliance with laws and regulations is a top priority for the Savings Banks Group in all its operations. To ensure compliance with laws and regulations, the Savings Banks Group has prepared guiding principles and instructions that all employees must follow.

Taking sustainable development into account

For us, promoting sustainable development goals means taking environmental impacts, social impacts – such as human rights – and the principles of good governance into account and incorporating them in all our business operations. We take climate change factors into account in our operations and aim to reduce the strain on the climate that we cause.

We follow Finance Finland’s guidelines for a responsible financial sector as well as the guidelines for good banking practice and good insurance practice.

Cooperation and fairness

All our work is based on good cooperation both within the Savings Banks Group and with our partners. Good cooperation requires proper and respectful treatment as well as open and fair communication.

We accept each other’s different backgrounds, differences and personal characteristics and treat everyone equally. We value diversity and consider different people a source of strength. The Savings Banks Group does not condone discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. No bullying, discrimination or harassment is permitted.