Savings Banks Group’s

Sustainability Report 2020

We want sustainability to be reflected in everything we do – in how we relate to our customers and our partners, our operating area, the authorities and other stakeholders. Each year, we publish the Savings Banks Group Sustainability Report, in which we present information on sustainability as well as key indicators referenced to the international GRI reporting framework (GRI referenced).

Nearly 200 years of sustainability: on a mission to promote the financial well-being of Finns 

When the Savings Bank was established almost 200 years ago in 1822, we adopted a socially significant and sustainable mission: to help the hardworking people of Finland prosper and take better care of their finances. 

To this day, our mission remains to sustainably promote the financial well-being and prosperity of our customers. 

Sustainability is an integral element of the daily life and work of Savings Bank employees every day.  At the core of our operations is the Savings Bank Experience that we are known for. We create the Savings Bank Experience by combining our constantly developing personal and digital services with the expertise and human touch by which we interact and serve all of our customers. 

Below you will find a summary of our sustainability actions in 2020. For more information on these themes, please refer to our Sustainability Report 2020.  

Read the Savings Banks Group’s Sustainability Report 2020 (pdf)

More information:

Savings Banks Group promotes the financial well-being of individuals and the community. We want to be known for our courage, expertise and passion for delivering excellence to our customers. Savings Banks Group consists of local savings banks across Finland and the Savings Bank Centre. In addition to comprehensive retail banking services, we provide our customers with investment, real estate agency and insurance services.